Meaning of narcocorrido in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnɑːkəʊkɒˈriːdəʊ/


  • A ballad in a traditional Mexican style whose lyrics recount the exploits of drug traffickers.

    ‘even the harshest narcocorridos are merely sweet-sounding polkas if you don't know the words’
    • ‘Music critics have also compared narcocorrido music to gangster rap.’
    • ‘He's a virtuoso of the narcocorrido genre, accordion-driven, blood-lusting ballads that lionize the exploits of Mexico's drug cartels.’
    • ‘They tracked down a narcocorrido songwriter, and found a band who recorded the song and appeared in a video that looked authentic to the culture.’
    • ‘On her classic narcocorrido, the singer tells of being the daughter of a drug kingpin, partying the nights away while learning to shoot and fight.’
    • ‘A popular narcocorrido captured the life that so many here assumed he was living.’
    • ‘These claims are referenced elsewhere in popular narcocorridos, or cartel folk songs, glamorizing the junior gangster.’
    • ‘The movie tells the story of the drug wars, contrasting the realities of the violence with the pop culture fantasy world of the narcocorridos.’
    • ‘It's a combination of Mexican electronica, narcocorridos, other traditional songs and Mexican ska.’
    • ‘After he performed in Chihuahua City, his promoter was fined $8,000 for violating the city's ban on narcocorridos.’
    • ‘For some people narcocorridos are innocuous, but for others the songs are a constant reminder of violence that has taken more than 60,000 lives to date.’


1990s Spanish, from narco- + corrido.