Meaning of nardoo in English:


Pronunciation /nɑːˈduː/ /ˈnɑːduː/


  • 1An Australian fern with long stalks bearing either silvery-green clover-like lobes or woody globular cases containing spores, growing typically in water in areas of intermittent flooding.

    Marsilea drummondii, family Marsiliaceae

    ‘Eventually, in his final entry, he writes ‘I am weaker than ever although I have a good appetite, and relish the nardoo much, but it seems to give no nutriment….’’
    • ‘This five-page factsheet looks at Common nardoo which forms dense swards following flooding, and forms a dominant component of the groundcover layer.’
    • ‘Two Australian explorers, Burke and Wills, starved to ‘death’ eating Nardoo.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A food made from the spores of the nardoo, traditionally eaten by some Australian Aboriginal people.
      as modifier ‘nardoo flour’
      • ‘Recent investigations can explain far more than the basis for such practices as the Aboriginal preparation of nardoo, or the true cause of death of two national heroes.’
      • ‘Apparently the plant is supposed to be nardoo, an indigenous wetlands plant from which, as that page points out, ‘Nutritious food can be made… if it is prepared correctly.’’
      • ‘The natives prepared nardoo by pulverizing the sporocarps on a flat, hollowed-out stone and then mixing the nardoo flour with water.’


Mid 19th century from an Aboriginal language.