Meaning of nares in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɛːriːz/

plural nounnaris

Anatomy Zoology
  • The nostrils.

    ‘The lips, nares, anus, and fin membranes, by comparison, are white (with few melanophores along the edges of the fin rays).’
    • ‘However, the use of nares (like nostrils, located on the top of the head) to detect pheromones is probably the most important type of chemoreception in fishes.’
    • ‘The location (distance from the nares / incisors), length and resting pressure should be recorded.’
    • ‘The major risk factor is the presence of endotracheal and/or gastric tubes within the nares.’
    • ‘They show a number of typical adaptations for aquatic life, such as dorsal orbits and nares and somewhat shortened limbs.’


Late 17th century plural of Latin naris ‘nostril, nose’.