Meaning of nashi in English:


(also nashi pear)

Pronunciation /ˈnaʃiː/


  • The crisp apple-shaped fruit of a tree that is native to Japan and China and cultivated in Australia and New Zealand.

    Also called Asian pear

    This fruit is obtained from varieties of Pyrus pyrifolia, family Rosaceae

    ‘Of the nashi grown in New Zealand, 95 percent are Hosui, although smooth-skinned, greenish-yellow Nijisseiki and the mottled Kosui also make excellent eating.’
    • ‘Just before serving, prepare the nashi and add to rest of the fruit.’
    • ‘Sipping on our nashi pear and lychee Martinis, we surveyed the room.’
    • ‘It's a salad that's got some bitter greens and celery with nashi and spring onions.’
    • ‘It is fruity (think nashi pears and quince), a little bit sweet and great for drinking on its own or with Asian food and is stunning value for between $12 and $14.’


Late 19th century from Japanese, literally ‘pear’.