Meaning of nasturtium in English:


Pronunciation /nəˈstəːʃ(ə)m/

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  • A South American trailing plant with round leaves and bright orange, yellow, or red flowers, which is widely grown as an ornamental.

    Tropaeolum majus, family Tropaeolaceae

    ‘Examples of these are ivy (the variegated types look very pretty), trailing lobelia, nasturtiums and ivy leaf geraniums.’
    • ‘These could be interspersed with edible flowers, trailing nasturtiums and orange Calendula would be musts.’
    • ‘For great foliage and color contrast, plant yellow nasturtiums around the outer rim of the planter.’
    • ‘Edible flowers, such as nasturtiums, pansies, violets, and calendulas, are also good.’
    • ‘The garden is full of marigolds, pansies, dahlias, primulas and nasturtiums, as well as shrub roses and climbers.’


Old English (originally denoting any cruciferous plant of the genus Nasturtium, including watercress): from Latin, apparently from naris ‘nose’ + torquere ‘to twist’.