Meaning of natality in English:


Pronunciation /nəˈtalɪti/


mass noun
  • The ratio of the number of births to the size of the population; birth rate.

    ‘in spite of falling natality, the population as a whole went up’
    • ‘There are also mounting indications that the skewed child male/female ratio is a consequence of increasing gender differences in natality, i.e. sex-selective abortion.’
    • ‘The prospect of yet more exploitative taxes to support reproducer indulgence means that a questioning of the bio-political privileging of natality is long overdue.’
    • ‘Following this approach, we can define four basic processes: natality, mortality, immigration, and emigration, each modeled by a separate model fragment.’
    • ‘He notes that the Japanese government during the 1980s was using measures to encourage natality.’
    • ‘Lower birth rate and greater parental attention to individual children helped advance the lower death rate - which in turn encouraged further reductions in natality.’


Late 19th century from natal -ity, perhaps after French natalité.