Meaning of national convention in English:

national convention



  • A convention of a major political party, especially one that nominates a candidate for the presidency.

    ‘Unlike a national convention, the city convention is less a coronation and more an opportunity for candidates to make themselves heard.’
    • ‘And then, a grand finale for the Republican Party and its national convention.’
    • ‘Today, gays participate in the national conventions of both major parties.’
    • ‘The government also provides $2 million for the national conventions of both major parties.’
    • ‘And now the choice of New York City for the Republican national convention site is being questioned within the party itself.’
    • ‘When the Democratic Party held its national convention in July, his renomination was assured, but there were still decisions to be made.’
    • ‘It will, however, mark the end of a 52-year hiatus for Philadelphia as host of a major party national convention.’
    • ‘Held in San Francisco, this was the first time a major party's national convention took place west of the Rocky Mountains.’
    • ‘Earlier this month 450 people were arrested for protesting outside the Republican Party's national convention.’
    • ‘The Constitution Party held its national convention last week in Valley Forge.’
    • ‘I write these words before the president has spoken to his national convention, where his aides promise he will lay out his new ambitions.’
    • ‘And this new party would be formed at a major national convention, where the masses would have a direct input.’
    • ‘At least 500,000 people marched in New York City on the eve of the Republican national convention.’
    • ‘Ready or not, heeeeere they come - the Republican and Democratic national conventions!’
    • ‘You remember the complaints during the Democratic and Republican national conventions in Boston and New York last year?’
    • ‘After the national conventions, the two parties presidential hopefuls can concentrate on campaigning for the ultimate prize in American politics.’
    • ‘Radical leaders were arrested on charges of high treason after they held a national convention.’
    • ‘Winning here is very important as the state sends 20% of all the delegates to both party's national conventions.’
    • ‘At the Democratic national convention last week, big business put on its biggest party at a political event.’
    • ‘The minister said that the government is preparing a national convention in the country to support the reconciliation process in the country.’