Meaning of national identity in English:

national identity


  • A sense of a nation as a cohesive whole, as represented by distinctive traditions, culture, and language.

    ‘his country's lack of an explicit national identity’
    • ‘the image represents the Queen as an emblem of national identity’
    • ‘A sense of national identity had emerged in both countries during the course of the preceding century.’
    • ‘The film is a fascinating examination of national identity and class warfare.’
    • ‘Can anyone explain our present obsession with national identity?’
    • ‘National identity is fluid, not fixed.’
    • ‘'The Outback' and rural Australia have featured prominently in the development of Australia's national identity.’
    • ‘For many, agriculture and manufacturing comprise a defining part of the American national identity.’
    • ‘Tribalism makes us proud to be who we are and gives us national identity.’
    • ‘In the search for a positive national identity, of course there's nostalgia.’
    • ‘They are determined to downplay commercialism, glorify their national identity, and put a more human face on these Olympics.’
    • ‘The song has become a popular expression of national identity among New Zealanders of European descent.’