Meaning of national security in English:

national security

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mass noun
  • The safety of a nation against threats such as terrorism, war, or espionage.

    ‘an imminent threat to national security’
    • ‘a major national security issue’
    • ‘Our right to travel was overcome by national security imperatives.’
    • ‘In his post-war role, he placed great emphasis on the importance of strategic vision and historical insight in national security policy-making.’
    • ‘The party's members are plainly in disarray and confusion over the serious issue of national security.’
    • ‘The flight restrictions were being imposed in the name of national security.’
    • ‘Both men were remembered for the imprint they left on their families and fellow Navy Seals, whose names and ranks we withheld for reasons of national security.’
    • ‘They were hired to do work that could compromise our national security.’
    • ‘He spoke of his conviction that academic freedom is essential to our national security.’
    • ‘The danger to national security comes from the fact that they're using analogue radio communications for such sensitive details.’
    • ‘National archives staff checked the documents for information sensitive to national security and law enforcement matters.’
    • ‘A federal judge lifted the gag order and rejected the government's argument that identifying the plaintiff would pose a threat to national security.’