Meaning of native forest in English:

native forest


Australian, New Zealand
  • A forest consisting entirely of indigenous trees and plants.

    ‘deer are having a serious impact on precious remnants of native forest’
    • ‘he lamented the destruction of native forests’
    • ‘The two have been accused of illegally clearing tracts of native forest on the land.’
    • ‘Far from being an invading pest, he says, the camphor tree is a pioneer species in the regeneration of native forest.’
    • ‘Then there is the issue of native forest loss.’
    • ‘He opposed the trend of converting "over 10,000 hectares per year" of native forests to plantations.’
    • ‘There are many West Coast residents who are opposed to the logging of native forests.’
    • ‘These forested lands are the largest private resource of native forests in the country.’
    • ‘The first part of the track is a zigzag through remnant native forest.’
    • ‘In the main, green groups who've long opposed cutting down trees in native forests have welcomed the shift to plantation forestry.’
    • ‘For decades, environmentalists have been protesting against logging in native forests, especially old growth forests in Tasmania.’
    • ‘Astonishingly, over 90 percent of logged native forest becomes woodchips.’