Meaning of native garden in English:

native garden


  • A garden consisting entirely or mostly of indigenous plants.

    ‘there's a preference for native gardens, rather than the European-style gardens of the past’
    • ‘Learn how to attract frogs to your native garden.’
    • ‘In the 1970s when I was growing up, that was the thing, you had an Australian native garden.’
    • ‘Unlike many native plants, this one grows easily from cuttings, which means it's a cheap understorey gap-filler for larger native gardens.’
    • ‘Even the most naturalistic native garden needs tidying up, weeding, and pruning occasionally.’
    • ‘As I drove on to your property, I thought I was coming into a most amazing native garden, with so many beautiful flowering plants.’
    • ‘Driftwood sculptures are all the rage in Europe and America, and they look magnificent in Australian native gardens.’
    • ‘Her real intention is to draw unflattering comparisons between Australia and New Zealand, whose native garden drew a gold medal at the flower show.’
    • ‘This island is all coral, and there are not too many native gardens.’
    • ‘Soon after passing the apple orchards, there is a sign to the native garden, an area of bushland donated as a special natural garden well off the main road.’
    • ‘There are fairly massive gardens being built which are native gardens, not European style.’