Meaning of natterjack in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnatədʒak/


(also natterjack toad)
  • A small European toad which has a bright yellow stripe down its back and runs in short bursts.

    Bufo calamita, family Bufonidae

    ‘The only endangered species of amphibian is the natterjack toad.’
    • ‘Despite Cumbria Wildlife Trust creating just the right conditions for natterjacks at Eskmeals, there are many animals happy to take the bite-sized toad for their dinner.’
    • ‘There are three native species of frogs and toads in the UK the common toad, common frog and natterjack toad.’
    • ‘Nationwide, it is hoped the scheme will boost the habitats of species such as the grey partridge, twite, natterjack toad, sandbowl snail and lesser silver water beetle.’
    • ‘There is a big reserve of natterjack toads in Formby, for example, but it will get too dry for them to survive.’


Mid 18th century perhaps from natter(because of its loud croak) + jack.