Meaning of nattily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnatɪli/

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See natty

‘A line of nattily dressed corporate vice presidents - looking distinctly out of place in such a dive - sit at the counter reading menus.’
  • ‘Koch is dressed nattily, as usual - crisp chinos and a long-waisted Cuban shirt - and he works the room like a seasoned pro.’
  • ‘Beside her is her smaller, slimmer, nattily dressed partner.’
  • ‘He seems unfazed as he picks us up in the car, nattily attired in a safari vest, jeans, and trainers.’
  • ‘It is not about having MBAs or speaking foreign tongues or dressing nattily in designer suits.’
  • ‘It is all about how body cells react to mechanical signals, says the nattily dressed professor.’
  • ‘Just pick up any commercial boating magazine where you will see the nattily attired beautiful people lounging effortlessly in perfect conditions.’
  • ‘Compare him, nattily dressed in an expensive Italian suit, with his colleague, outfitted in an ensemble he probably picked up off the floor.’