Meaning of nature strip in English:

nature strip



  • A piece of publicly owned land between the front boundary of a house or other building and the street, typically planted with grass.

    ‘The cactus expert said get out of the house NOW, get on to the front nature strip and wait for me, I will be there in 20 minutes.’
    • ‘Each street has a nature strip; each bungalow faces the same way, has a backyard and a front garden, all fenced, low at the front, high at the back.’
    • ‘Vehicles must be positioned in various locations along the front of the home, both within the property's boundary and along the nature strip immediately opposite it.’
    • ‘I don't know what you've done to your nature strip, which resembles an overgrown miniature botanic gardens, but it makes life difficult for my passenger to alight from my car.’
    • ‘Apart from the missing newspapers, I found a wrapper on the nature strip just a few metres away down the footpath towards the station.’
    • ‘Apparently she believes the logical way to get rid of a horrible old gas cooker is to leave it on the nature strip.’
    • ‘There were three little rabbits on the nature strip on the way to the bus stop.’
    • ‘About two weeks later there was a burning mattress on their nature strip and a swag of threatening phone calls.’
    • ‘It was really just a nature strip, like there would be outside any house in Canberra.’
    • ‘Are there fallen leaves accumulating on your lawns and nature strips?’