Meaning of naval base in English:

naval base


  • A securely held seaport used as a centre of operations by the navy.

    ‘the city became a main naval base for the remainder of the war’
    • ‘At the outbreak of the Second World War the port, with its large graving and floating docks, became a naval base.’
    • ‘That the enemy might come by land in order to capture a naval base, thus necessitating the making of land defensive positions, was thought unlikely.’
    • ‘As part of Japan's second-line-of-defence, this was an important naval base, which served as an advance shipping centre and fuelling station.’
    • ‘The coastguard is guarding a prime target, the world's largest naval base in Norfolk, Virginia.’
    • ‘A major naval base was established near the canal, which opened in 1895.’
    • ‘The town became an official naval base, because of the channel depth and good natural defences.’
    • ‘I was sent to the Portsmouth Naval base as this was the only site in the area that maintained a position for unarmed officers.’
    • ‘The minister made the announcement at the commissioning of 13 new naval officers at the naval base yesterday.’
    • ‘Because of the naval bases, local fishermen are not permitted to fish at night.’
    • ‘The route near the naval base is very narrow and its fences are constructed of barbed wire.’