Meaning of naval battle in English:

naval battle


  • A sustained fight between naval forces.

    ‘the longest running naval battle of World War II’
    • ‘After contributing his noteworthy skills to a massive naval battle, he is readied for a victory celebration.’
    • ‘It was a highly organised and well-coordinated naval battle.’
    • ‘The naval battle between the two countries left four sailors dead.’
    • ‘The naval battle came on a day when pirates seized three other ships.’
    • ‘Much has been written about the Battle of Tsushima, which was one of the few decisive naval battles in history.’
    • ‘Although on a smaller scale than other naval battles in the war, Roman losses were proportionately the highest suffered by either side.’
    • ‘As the Navy endeavored to defend British interests, the world witnessed naval battles of epic proportions.’
    • ‘He fought a naval battle off the Isle of Man.’
    • ‘He concluded that a war between the two countries would end with an American victory in a climactic naval battle somewhere in the western Pacific.’
    • ‘It was the definitive naval battle of the Napoleonic Wars and it established Britannia's position as ruler of the seas for the following century and a half.’