Meaning of naval stores in English:

naval stores

plural noun

  • Articles or materials used in shipping.

    ‘Spain needed pine for tar, turpentine, and wood - essential naval stores for its shipbuilding industry in Cuba.’
    • ‘The loading of cargo was important to the shipowner because the amount of freight the vessel earned was determined by the tonnage of naval stores on board.’
    • ‘The rate of freight paid for ships transporting naval stores was, obviously, of great importance to both sides.’
    • ‘To supply them the Royal Navy used merchant ships to carry naval stores.’
    • ‘Americans had other disadvantages, such as the lack of copper-bottom ships, inferior armaments, and a shortage of naval stores.’
    • ‘Throughout the 19th Century, naval stores were the primary source of income for Fender County residents.’
    • ‘His father had come to Jacksonville in 1899 in search of pine trees for his naval stores business.’
    • ‘A brisk commerce in rice, indigo, and sea island cotton was supplemented by deerskins and naval stores from the pine forests of the low country.’
    • ‘Furs and naval stores constituted a large share of the export trade in the Middle Ages.’
    • ‘Excellent accounts are given of the development of the naval stores trade in America.’