Meaning of naval warfare in English:

naval warfare


mass noun
  • Engagement in or activities involved in a war fought at sea.

    ‘major technological revolutions in naval warfare’
    • ‘The Geneva Conventions I–IV marked a further step in the codification of the law of naval warfare.’
    • ‘Success in naval warfare depended upon the correct application of certain principles of strategy.’
    • ‘They introduced a new form of seafaring weaponry that changed the concept of naval warfare forever.’
    • ‘It is too much to say they learned to be sailors, but they learned how to conduct naval warfare in an eminently Roman fashion.’
    • ‘The region was the setting of some of the most intense naval warfare in history.’
    • ‘The book is not a comprehensive history of naval warfare in the 20th century.’
    • ‘Thus ancient naval warfare is full of incidents in which either single ships or even whole squadrons break in or out in the face of overwhelming enemy superiority.’
    • ‘Holland was convinced that naval warfare of the future would be run by the country that used submarines to steal close to the iron-clad battleships and attack at close range.’
    • ‘In the end, as with all the campaigns in the Pacific, naval warfare was crucial.’
    • ‘Naval warfare was growing in scope and complexity.’