Meaning of naysay in English:


Pronunciation /ˈneɪseɪ/


[with object]
  • Say no to; deny or oppose.

    ‘I'm not going to naysay anything he does’
    • ‘The auto industry loves the federal handout, and environmentalists have a hard time naysaying any plan that encourages hydrogen, since they heartily endorse the technology too.’
    • ‘He's is pretty much naysaying the strategic importance of the IT sector.’
    • ‘From what I hear most of the usual naysaying pundits are rather hopeful about him.’
    • ‘I thought it was out of keeping but it's not for me to naysay the Major.’
    • ‘The creditors, which have the power to naysay the deal, want to recoup $4.6 billion.’
    • ‘But continually naysaying with no apparent idea of their own about how to improve the training of the military, for example, is not a constructive way to approach the debate.’
    • ‘What a rebuke to those who seem to thrive on naysaying, despair, division, and the past, or who are imprisoned by memories of the good old days!’
    • ‘Yet Sweeney remains sanguine in the face of such universal naysaying.’
    • ‘So, despite all the chat and naysaying, the first annual Montreal International Reggae Festival managed to pull off yet another Quebec-based cavalcade of world-class talent without a hitch.’
    • ‘But this isn't just tyrannical naysaying; for once you and your local despots should be on the same page: everyone wants to see this particular dream come to fruition.’
    • ‘The naysaying marine geologists who love to point out that there is no geological evidence at all for a sunken continent on the Atlantic Ocean floor are absolutely right.’
    • ‘The reasons for the naysaying appeared to be fourfold.’
    • ‘Though there is no official diplomatic commitment to the concept, Martin's casual interest is nonetheless a leap beyond the naysaying of previous administrations.’
    • ‘Now, with thousands of medical studies showing little or no adverse health effects from coffee, all the decades of naysaying are finally coming to a close.’
    • ‘What distinguishes our system is the existence of a third party who - regardless of the constant naysaying from certain quarters - have the opportunity to make a real difference.’