Meaning of needleworker in English:



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‘The program for ‘Resolutions’ was developed cooperatively, beginning with a meeting in early 1994 between Chicago and a core group of half a dozen needleworkers who assembled in her studio in Albuquerque.’
  • ‘To meet the inherent challenge of harmonizing a variety of capabilities in a group endeavor, Chicago proposed, and all the needleworkers agreed, to use the same background color fade, the same techniques and a common border.’
  • ‘It was just after finishing the ‘Holocaust Project’ that Chicago began to talk to the needleworkers about creating a group of positive images to express the concept of healing or repairing the world.’
  • ‘Since Mary Lang Muir was a highly skilled needleworker, she may well have instructed her daughter and several other young girls in pictorial sampler work and been responsible for the Alexandria architectural sampler group.’
  • ‘This provident needleworker used her earnings to buy a vineyard.’