Meaning of needs must in English:

needs must


  • It is or was necessary or unavoidable.

    ‘if needs must, they will eat any food’
    • ‘But it was a case of needs must, I'm afraid; needs must or I don't leave the office until 8.00 pm.’
    • ‘But, O'Riordan's strategy of ensuring the entire team defends when needs must, proved to be the necessary ‘spoiler’ to counter the Finn Harps fire-power.’
    • ‘‘Sometimes, needs must,’ said the Ewood chief.’
    • ‘But needs must, and I am nothing if not 101% committed to maintaining optimal levels of client satisfaction, hem hem.’
    • ‘Spending five, six or seven hours on a coach to places like Reading and Ipswich for an evening kick-off is far from ideal but it is something that the players have done because they are aware that needs must.’
    • ‘However, needs must, and we hope that the gift ideas in this week's mag will help take the ‘Christ!’’
    • ‘Unfortunately it was just a pizzeria, but needs must.’
    • ‘But needs must, so, a couple of weeks ago, I was forced to cross the border - and I am still awaiting a hefty bill as a result.’
    • ‘‘It is unusual to use the cathedral as a corporate venue - but needs must,’ she said.’
    • ‘It's still way too unfashionably early for dinner… but needs must.’
    necessarily, of necessity, inevitably, unavoidably, by force of circumstances, needs must