Meaning of nefariousness in English:


Pronunciation /nɪˈfɛːrɪəsnəs/


See nefarious

‘In essence, seeking protection for sources whose nefariousness he himself exposed, Cooper asks us to protect criminal leaks so that he can write about the crime. The greater public interest lies in preventing the leak to begin with.’
  • ‘Maybe it's the way one of the ‘kidnappers’ gets up close to the girl's head and casually explains, in a voice maximized for cold-blooded nefariousness, ‘You are being buried alive.’’
  • ‘At first Nietzsche joined in the Jew-baiting con brio, as one learns from Joachim Köhler's Nietzsche and Wagner: A Lesson in Subjugation, which is short on music and philosophy but indispensable on Wagner's general nefariousness.’
  • ‘Or, just having offices in the same vicinity is not proof of nefariousness.’
  • ‘He doesn't need to hint at bad-boy nefariousness to make up for shortfalls in the talent department.’