Meaning of negative gearing in English:

negative gearing


mass nounmainly Australian
  • The practice of investing borrowed money in such a way as to result in a loss that can be claimed as a tax deduction.

    ‘income tax rates are low, making negative gearing less attractive’
    • ‘Most people who hop into negative gearing at 80% loans will never make any money.’
    • ‘A negative gearing equation was presented, based on buying a $200,000 investment property with a $60,000 annual income.’
    • ‘The Treasurer highlighted the 1980s when Paul Keating abolished negative gearing and it caused a shortage of houses to rent.’
    • ‘A key recommendation was a review of negative gearing of investment properties, and the taxing of capital gains.’
    • ‘No wonder taxpayers indulge in negative gearing to lower their after tax income and get out of the top marginal band.’
    • ‘Negative gearing occurs when the interest cost for the borrowed funds is higher than the investment income received.’
    • ‘The reports suggest the Commission has come to the view that negative gearing distorts the housing market and should be reviewed.’
    • ‘Lower rates of income tax would also make negative gearing less tax advantageous compared to other forms of investment.’
    • ‘They are invited to an investment seminar on property investment and negative gearing.’
    • ‘How much rent you pay is affected by Commonwealth taxation policies such as negative gearing.’