Meaning of negativity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnɛɡəˈtɪvɪti/

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mass noun
  • The expression of criticism of or pessimism about something.

    ‘he was taken aback by the negativity of the press’
    • ‘There's a definite theme of sorrow and negativity resulting from some sort of passion and leading to control and severity.’
    • ‘Similar negativity is apparent on export orders, which remain depressed.’
    • ‘So lets have less negativity and nastiness in films and video.’
    • ‘I'm sounding like I've become a cathode - spewing negativity in every direction.’
    • ‘The blanket of media negativity, he says, still raises the hackles.’
    defeatism, negative thinking, negativity, expecting the worst, doom and gloom, gloom, gloominess
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