Meaning of negentropic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnɛɡɛnˈtrɒpɪk/


  • Of or characterized by a reduction in entropy (and corresponding increase in order).

    ‘In the following period of evolution, which can last several hundred or even thousand ka, soils degrade in regard to nutrient supply but species diversity keeps increasing for negentropic reasons.’
    • ‘The effectiveness of these negentropic processes is further enhanced by most efficient entropy fluxes related to the transpiration and nocturnal respiration of plants.’
    • ‘It is a negentropic force that, while not the inverse of entropy, counteracts entropy by generating new states of order and higher complexity in the universe.’
    • ‘The relationship between life as a continuous negentropic process and the zero entropy of the galaxy can be described with the following diagram.’
    • ‘But, in relation to this, I was speaking to Leni, yesterday, and we were talking about the fact, that when people are developing, you have this negentropic growth; but, once you stop, you start to degenerate.’


1950s (as negentropy): from negative + entropic (see entropy).