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Pronunciation /ˈnɛmɪsɪs/

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nounplural noun nemeses/ˈnɛmɪsiːz/

  • 1The inescapable agent of someone's or something's downfall.

    ‘injury, consistently his nemesis, struck him down during the match’
    • ‘The title explains a lot - a dishonoured soccer champ wants to assemble and coach a winning team to confront his nemesis, while mouthy yet impecunious martial artist Sing wants to spread the word of kung fu.’
    • ‘Arrows have proven the nemesis of most teams visiting Durban and have established themselves as a formidable outfit.’
    • ‘He was contemplating a comeback recently when offered a place in the German Davis Cup team by his old nemesis Stich.’
    • ‘Eileen sets her sights on Mr Nail from the off but Gail, who sees a chance to put the disastrous romance with serial killer Richard Hillman behind her, soon finds a way to scupper her nemesis's chances.’
    • ‘The same goes for Mr. Belding, who clearly welcomed the chance to follow his nemesis across 2000 miles and begin a new life with his wife.’
    • ‘‘Truth Teams,’ which scout the parking lots to locate the targeted signature gatherers, are having less luck spotting their nemeses.’
    • ‘But an old nemesis - control problems - has plagued him.’
    • ‘Though some decidedly comic things had happened to her recently, Lincoln purported to persuade herself that the lord almighty had a little more tact than to conjure such a predictable fate for her nominated nemesis.’
    • ‘And that's where John meets his destiny and Jeremy his nemesis.’
    • ‘Have I finally met my nemesis, the IT problem that I'm too old to understand?’
    • ‘The bad guys again break one of the cardinal rules for being an evil nasty: When you have the chance to kill your nemesis, do it!’
    • ‘Imagine a cartoon hero in an impossible predicament as the scene switches to his nemesis; menacing, manic laughter bellowing out.’
    • ‘The triple axel remains his nemesis, sometimes disappearing when he needs it the most.’
    • ‘I successfully cursed a nemesis in junior high - he probably deserved it, but the fact that it worked was very alarming.’
    • ‘Our arch nemesis, Fusion, only had two people on their team, but we weren't taking any chances.’
    • ‘However, when I arrived back at the counter with my CDs, my nemesis was standing to one side, and a cheerful Canadian guy was on the till.’
    • ‘I left the room, disappointed with my form and my wimpy nemesis got up and made his way over the machine to play.’
    • ‘The Zambia under-20 soccer team takes on Egypt in an African Youth qualifying round first leg in Chingola today seeking revenge against a team that has been their nemesis.’
    • ‘But perhaps not armed enough for an older, stronger Cuban team, which had proved its nemesis previously.’
    • ‘If the stick is pressed toward her foe, Nina will vault over the head of her nemesis, allowing her to strike from behind.’
    1. 1.1A long-standing rival; an arch-enemy.
      ‘will Harry Potter finally defeat his nemesis, Voldemort?’
      • ‘Unsure of himself, Guy spoiled for a decisive battle with the Crusader nemesis, Saladin.’
      • ‘I offered coffee to anyone who came in the office, including my nemesis, Mr. Coffee Man.’
      • ‘Perhaps he feels he can now forgive his old nemesis the Bishop of Rome.’
      • ‘Throughout the novel Doc remains loyal to his male characters, even the Weasel, his professed nemesis.’
      • ‘The boy turns out to be his future nemesis, Draco Malfoy.’
      • ‘His old nemesis, Twink (Chris Haywood), is a cop ready to retire.’
      • ‘The violent nemesis just happens to be played by a shapely, smoldering brunette TV entertainment reporter named… Maria Menounos.’
      • ‘Sonic's arch nemesis Dr. Robotnik has been banished from the Land of Darkness by an evil Metal Robotnik.’
      • ‘My nemesis is approaching, my greatest foe.’
      • ‘Ironically, when the teeth of the plot sink in, the introduction of the supernatural nemesis, Ghost Machine begins to lag.’
      • ‘In the show I have my friends and everything, but I also have a nemesis.’
      • ‘After the defeat of their old arch nemesis, The Shredder, the Turtles have grown apart as a family.’
      • ‘It's a classic example of bad plotting when you have a golden opportunity to destroy your nemesis but you let him live.’
      • ‘In the comments on the post below, Alex refers to Bugs Meany who, as some of you may recall, is Encyclopedia Brown's arch nemesis.’
      • ‘As in Spider-Man 3, Shrek is still dealing with a not very interesting nemesis from the last film, Prince Charming.’
      • ‘The Powerpuff Girls must face their nemeses the Gangrene Gang when the teenaged baddies are sent back to school at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.’
      • ‘Now, Archer is trapped in prison, and Castor now played by Travolta assumes the identity of his nemesis, frees his brother, and takes his place as a high-ranking federal agent.’
      • ‘It was the fact that Tarantino's sword-wielding warriors and their nemeses were women.’
      • ‘Every platforming hero has to have his or her arch nemesis, and generally speaking, at least in the old days, these arch nemeses were evil versions of the aforementioned hero.’
    2. 1.2mass noun A downfall caused by an inescapable agent.
      ‘one risks nemesis by uttering such words’
      • ‘Nor is nemesis, the overpowering sense of eventual destruction, far from the political lives of these players.’
      • ‘In all the best blockbusters, when disaster has dawned and nemesis looks likely by breakfast, there appears in the script a snowy-haired elder.’
      downfall, undoing, ruin, ruination, destruction, Waterloo
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    3. 1.3mass noun Retributive justice.
      ‘Nemesis is notoriously slow’
      • ‘And as any student of Greek tragedy knows, the presence of hubris usually means that nemesis - the righteous retribution of the Gods - is not far behind.’
      retribution, vengeance, retributive justice, punishment, just deserts
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Late 16th century Greek, literally ‘retribution’, from nemein ‘give what is due’.

Main meanings of Nemesis in English

: nemesis1Nemesis2


Pronunciation /ˈnɛmɪsɪs/

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proper noun

Greek Mythology
  • A goddess usually portrayed as the agent of divine punishment for wrongdoing or presumption (hubris).