Meaning of neo-Malthusian in English:


adjective & noun

See neo-Malthusianism

‘So, the idea of sustainable development, which was developed by the neo-Malthusians, who were genocidal artists, was developed with malice aforethought.’
  • ‘Today's neo-Malthusians share the old prejudices, but in addition they harbour a powerful sense of loathing against the human species itself.’
  • ‘The late Julian Simon wrote dozens of books and articles debunking neo-Malthusians.’
  • ‘Starting from the 1970s, some neo-classical and especially neo-Malthusian authors have emphatically posed the question concerning the ‘natural limits’ of growth.’
  • ‘On the one hand, feminist advocates have faced neo-Malthusian population control organizations, closely tied both to medical establishments and to many government and international population agencies.’