Meaning of Neo-Melanesian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnɪəʊ mɛləˈniːzjən/ /ˌnɪəʊ mɛləˈniːʒən/


another term for Tok Pisin
‘On German plantations and wherever individuals speaking different languages met, a pidgin language referred to as Neo-Melanesian or Melanesian Pidgin developed.’
  • ‘I am still not fluent in Sambia; and even in recent work I have had to rely on translators who speak Neo-Melanesian, since I can usually ‘hear’ but not ask or answer complex questions.’
  • ‘As it turns out, dozens of other languages resemble Neo-Melanesian and Indonesian in structure.’
  • ‘Black English was carried around the Cape to the Indian Ocean and beyond and helped set the pattern for a further chain of oriental English [China coast pidgin and Neo-Melanesian are examples].’
  • ‘Jared Diamond has spent months in Papua New Guinea, speaking Neo-Melanesian.’
  • ‘This dizzying array has brought about the need for a lingua franca, and Pidgin (or Neo-Melanesian) has gained in importance and prestige in recent years and is great fun to learn.’