Meaning of neoclassicist in English:


noun & adjective

See neoclassicism

‘Opposed to the rules and certainties of the neoclassicists, Rousseau put forward divinely created nature, rather than man-made culture, as the condition to which all art should aspire.’
  • ‘On the basis of all three works, I'd call him a Stravinsky-Hindemith neoclassicist, although like most of his tribe, he doesn't ape his models.’
  • ‘In the 1920s, the decorative neoclassicist style won its triumphs, in a way preparing the ground for the equally decorative functionalism.’
  • ‘David, the meticulous neoclassicist, insisted upon the verity of his work.’
  • ‘Revivalist, neoclassicist architecture simply transferred the styles of Greek and Roman architecture by slapping colonnades and columns on the front of 19th and 20th century structures.’