Meaning of neonic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈniːəʊnɪk/


  • short for neonicotinoid

    ‘the European Union banned the use of neonics on plants attractive to bees’
    • ‘Local Authorities need to advertise to residents the facilities available for neonic disposal.’
    • ‘Brown says there aren't a lot of studies that look at how long the toxicity of a neonic lingers.’
    • ‘A 2013 report done by the American Bird Conservancy found that a single neonic corn kernel can kill a songbird.’
    • ‘Each kind of neonic is licensed under several different names, making it difficult for users to know they even have a neonic in the formulation.’
    • ‘But still, this is the first large-scale field study to suggest a link between domestic bee troubles and a neonic.’
    • ‘The study also raises further doubt that using neonic pesticides boosts yields.’
    • ‘A 2014 study found that 90 percent of honey tested positive for at least one neonic, and 50 percent contained at least two.’
    • ‘Earthworms are critical for the health of soil yet they can also be affected by neonics, according to the study.’
    • ‘The neonics were present on dead bees collected for study.’
    • ‘Some lawn and garden retailers have cut the use of neonics.’