Meaning of neotenic in English:


Pronunciation /niːəˈtɛnɪk/



See neoteny

‘However, the young man can take advantage of the fact that older men are also of the generation before, who are less neotenic and look more like apes.’
  • ‘Direct-developing and normal biphasic frogs have slightly larger genomes, followed by biphasic, then direct-developing, and finally facultatively and then obligately neotenic salamanders.’
  • ‘Sermonti therefore argues that neotenic organisms - in which juvenile traits persist into adulthood, e.g. gills in adult salamanders - must be archaic, because their features appear earlier in development.’
  • ‘Humans are neotenic apes, ostriches are neotenic birds; we retain useful infantile characteristics into adulthood.’
  • ‘This certainly appears to be the case in neotenic salamanders, for example.’