Meaning of nephridium in English:


Pronunciation /nɪˈfrɪdɪəm/

nounplural noun nephridia/nɪˈfrɪdɪə/

  • (in many invertebrate animals) a tubule open to the exterior which acts as an organ of excretion or osmoregulation. It typically has ciliated or flagellated cells and absorptive walls.

    ‘The organs they produce include segmental muscles, nephridia, gonads and gonoducts.’
    • ‘Gametes are shed into the coelom and carried outside the body through the nephridia or as a result of the body wall actually rupturing.’
    • ‘Torsion in gastropods has the unfortunate result that wastes are expelled from the gut and nephridia near the gills.’
    • ‘Sperm is also released through the nephridium.’
    • ‘Each segment typically contains a pair of nephridia.’


Late 19th century modern Latin, from Greek nephrion (diminutive of nephros ‘kidney’) + the diminutive ending -idium.