Meaning of nephrologist in English:


Pronunciation /nɛˈfrɒlədʒɪst/


See nephrology

‘She sought clarification about equivocal referrals; organised imaging; reviewed results with a paediatric nephrologist, radiologist, and medical physicist as necessary; and informed the doctor and family of normal test results.’
  • ‘The multidisciplinary team caring for Mrs D consists of her primary care provider, nephrologist, anesthesiologist, nurse, dietitian, social worker, physical therapist, and occupational therapist.’
  • ‘If your child suffers from recurrent UTIs, seek out a pediatric nephrologist or urologist who can perform a thorough evaluation and, if necessary, order tests for urinary system abnormalities.’
  • ‘Responsibility for the perioperative care of patients with chronic kidney disease is shared by the family physician, nephrologist, anesthesiologist, and surgeon.’
  • ‘Your health care team will include your nephrologist, dietitian, nurse, social worker and perhaps a technician.’