Meaning of nepotism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɛpətɪz(ə)m/

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mass noun
  • The practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

    ‘he promised an end to corruption and nepotism’
    • ‘Reregistration is necessary to avoid corruption, collusion or nepotism among civil servants.’
    • ‘Those at the top indulged in nepotism, power politics and failed to give the Church a lead.’
    • ‘Such nepotism is common among post-Soviet central Asian leaders.’
    • ‘The people have no power to force a referendum in the face of increasing royal nepotism and misuse of power.’
    • ‘Entry to journalism was heavily influenced by nepotism.’
    • ‘Corruption and nepotism remain rampant, regardless of party in power.’
    • ‘It would also widen the practice of corruption, collusion and nepotism, he said.’
    • ‘There are now approximately 7,000 members of the royal family and among them, nepotism is rife.’
    • ‘All of the aid in the world cannot penetrate political systems which are rife with corruption and nepotism.’
    • ‘In a clean society, a society free of nepotism and corruption, such people would be thrown out.’
    • ‘The idea to hide information breeds other vices such as corruption and nepotism.’
    • ‘They should be committed to fighting corruption and nepotism and guard against ostentatious displays of power.’
    • ‘There have been accusations of nepotism and favouritism, philistinism and indolence, each clandestinely leaked to the papers.’
    • ‘When will the media act against nepotism within the industry?’
    • ‘Bureaucratic procedures should also be relaxed in order to minimize the cost of corruption, collusion and nepotism.’
    • ‘Corruption, collusion and nepotism are currently worse than ever.’
    • ‘Society itself has made them a prey to illegal gratification, favouritism, nepotism etc.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, we've now got 160 examples of political nepotism in Australia which you can read in full here.’
    • ‘In some instances, corruption and nepotism have been decentralised to the level of the local and the regional State.’
    • ‘Today volunteerism had been diluted by caste, religion and nepotism.’
    partiality, partisanship, unfair preference, preferential treatment, special treatment, preference, favour, one-sidedness, prejudice, bias, inequality, unfairness, inequity, discrimination, positive discrimination, reverse discrimination
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Mid 17th century from French népotisme, from Italian nepotismo, from nipote ‘nephew’ (with reference to privileges bestowed on the ‘nephews’ of popes, who were in many cases their illegitimate sons).