Meaning of Neptunian in English:


Pronunciation /nɛpˈtjuːnɪən/


  • 1Relating to the Roman sea god Neptune or to the sea.

    ‘Mozart has constructed the role and the arias of Ilia - the captive, the lover - in such a way as to make her love appear as the principal antagonist to the dark Neptunian power.’
    • ‘Organising Neptunian fantasies into some sort of workable order sounds like a Herculean assignment - but the most awesome results can be achieved with the right kind of help.’
  • 2Relating to the planet Neptune.

    ‘a Neptunian moon’
    • ‘There are only three other places in the Solar System that definitely have volcanic activity: Venus, Earth and the Neptunian moon, Triton.’
    • ‘She had Venus in Pisces and Neptunian aspects to her Sun, Moon and Ascendant.’
    • ‘Some measure little more than half a mile across, and the newest discovery, a Neptunian moon, is almost 3 billion miles from Earth.’
    • ‘While Mercury moves into the sign of runaway tongues, Pisces exaggerates Neptunian tendencies to moodiness and paranoia - an astromix which inclines some people to be extra-sensitive and others totally tactless.’
    • ‘As an aficionado of Mercury is its Neptunian guise, she enjoys exploring mythology and symbol as well as various meditations.’
    • ‘Since 1950, Neptune has been seen as the guiding spirit of the counterculture; if anyone were to draw a Neptunian type now it would undoubtedly appear less spiritually superior and more ‘dopey’ in every sense.’
    • ‘The world of illusion is Neptunian and, maybe for this reason, its nature is elusive and difficult to define. Neptune's discovery also coincided with advancement in the world of pharmaceuticals.’
    • ‘Even with the amount of Neptunian deception, confusion and media spin increasing with Mars in Pisces, we need to stay aligned with an ultimate spiritual presence.’
    • ‘As to your signs, I think you have strong Neptunian influences in the chart, cause from my experience, people with such influences are very sensible.’
    • ‘Currently Rummy is under a heavy Neptunian influence and may need to be sedated before his delusions of grandeur encompass the whole planet!.’
    • ‘The Plutonian and Neptunian population are not content about this.’
    • ‘Would the feedback loop between polar bears and Arctic tundra result in a tundra of Neptunian frigidity where bears have fur ten feet thick, or a tundra of Brazilian sultriness where bears run nude?’
    • ‘Give this week's people the wisdom of your Neptunian intuition, insight and inspiration - get busy sparking hearts, lifting spirits and stimulating those Fishy visions!’
    • ‘The notch was real, she said, and she suggested a couple of interesting possibilities for what could create it, including the presence of ethane ice in the Neptunian clouds.’
  • 3Geology
    historical Advocating Neptunism.