Meaning of Neronian in English:


Pronunciation /nɪˈrəʊnɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Roman Emperor Nero, especially in being cruel, tyrannical, or licentious.

    ‘Neronian persecution’
    • ‘Neronian debauchery’
    • ‘In the Neronian period the first stone civil buildings were constructed.’
    • ‘If political debate is less sharp in the Neronian books, foreign affairs and Nero's flamboyant behaviour fully extend Tacitus' descriptive powers.’
    • ‘Although the Neronian residence could have been planned for Cogidubnus, the later palace seems rather too late for him.’
    • ‘He chronicles the mayor's Neronian cruelty to the poor of Chicago.’
    • ‘The abandonment of the Neronian legionary fortress at Usk in South Wales in favour of a reoccupation at Gloucester symbolizes the retrenchment.’
    • ‘It is not known when he met Demetrius the Cynic, whom he was to write about in his Neronian works.’
    • ‘According to Acts his journey to Jerusalem with this collection preceded his journey to Rome where later Christian tradition suggests that he died in the Neronian persecution.’
    • ‘He then demonstrates that the interpretation of ancient sources is a difficult and complex task by analyzing the accounts of four notorious Neronian episodes: Claudius' death, the wooing of Poppaea Sabina, the fiddling while Rome burned, and the emperor's dying words.’
    • ‘Its members and media acolytes have spent the autumn in a Neronian bicker over the survival of the prime minister, which was never in doubt, while the western financial system imploded.’
    • ‘Was the life of the gentleman farmer a life of Cincinnatean virtue or of Neronian debauchery?’