Meaning of nerve impulse in English:

nerve impulse

Pronunciation /ˈnəːv ˌɪmpʌls/


  • A signal transmitted along a nerve fibre. It consists of a wave of electrical depolarization that reverses the potential difference across the nerve cell membranes.

    ‘The arrival of the nerve impulse, an electrical signal, at the axon activates the influx of calcium ions through voltage-dependent ion channels in the membrane.’
    • ‘After an action potential has swept along a single nerve fibre, a second nerve impulse cannot be initiated immediately.’
    • ‘It is the influx of sodium into the cell that is responsible for generating an action potential, which causes depolarization and conduction of the nerve impulse.’
    • ‘When a hair is touched, receptors near the hair fire, triggering a nerve impulse that signals that the hair has been moved.’
    • ‘As a nerve impulse, or action potential, reaches the end of a presynaptic axon, molecules of neurotransmitter are released into the synaptic space.’
    • ‘These vibrations then stimulate the cilia, which transmit a nerve impulse to the brain informing the shark of the location of the source.’
    • ‘Stimulation of any of these receptors results in the initiation of a nerve impulse that travels to the central nervous system.’
    • ‘Its most important action is its ability to block the initiation or conduction of the nerve impulse following local application.’
    • ‘This is achieved by the propagation of the chemotactic signal, in a manner rather similar to the conduction of a nerve impulse.’
    • ‘It literally is minimising its energy with the solvent in doing that and yet the effect is to make a wave, travelling impulse, sort of like a nerve impulse.’
    • ‘First, there is a nerve impulse to the hypothalamus, an endocrine gland located near the brain.’
    • ‘This ion flow triggers a cellular response, such as continuation of a nerve impulse to another neuron or the contraction of a muscle cell.’
    • ‘‘Insect muscles differ from animal muscles in that they do not need a nerve impulse for every contraction but instead are activated by stretch,’ said Dr Irving.’
    • ‘The whole process is under voluntary control, set in motion when a nerve impulse from the brain tells the muscle to tighten or relax.’
    • ‘MS occurs when parts of the covering of the brain and spinal cord are lost, which disrupts the conduction of the nerve impulse.’
    • ‘The nerve impulse, the chemical smell that traveled from the brain to command those muscles in your fingers would never get their without your spinal cord and a hundred other branching nerves.’
    • ‘They have also made sure that our students who tend to know a lot about automobiles, may now comprehend very well how fast a nerve impulse may travel - in kilometres rather than in miles per hour.’
    • ‘That was the real clue to the idea that it was specifically sodium conductivity which changed to cause the nerve impulse.’
    • ‘This separation triggers other mechanisms to send a nerve impulse to the brain.’
    • ‘As the brain senses a decrease in oxygen, a nerve impulse briefly rouses you from sleep.’