Meaning of nerveless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnəːvləs/

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  • 1Lacking vigour or feeling.

    ‘the knife dropped from Grant's nerveless fingers’
    • ‘It is bad to drop the dumbbell from your sweaty nerveless fingers when you put it away.’
    • ‘‘That is a picture of my wife, Vana, and our twin sons Rog and Hal taken just two days before they were murdered,’ he said quietly, taking the picture from her nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘The sword dropped from her nerveless fingers as she slumped forward, trying to stay conscious, using the last of her rapidly-fading strength to lift one hand to the hilt of the dagger at her belt, pulling it free.’
    • ‘She was halted with a sensation somewhat akin to being slammed into a brick wall, her sword dropping from her nerveless fingers as the impact struck her.’
    • ‘Obliviously, he wasn't expecting that, and was so surprised that he let go of me, and I was able to pluck the knife from his nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘Elise's basket fell to the ground from nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘As she fell, the Hulk screamed and turned, ripping the gun from the cowboy's suddenly nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘Mrs. Burnett was quick to grab my backpack as it slid out of my suddenly nerveless fingers as I launched myself at Christine.’
    • ‘He watched, not the only member of a horrified audience, as the knife fell from her nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘Slowly, the pistol slipped from nerveless fingers, then he raised his arms high.’
    • ‘The glass she had been holding shattered on the ground, falling from her nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘Lex felt such a wave of gratitude at being let off so easily that the file nearly fell from his nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘The pages fell from her suddenly nerveless fingers and fluttered to the floor.’
    • ‘She barely heard his cry as he fell back, the fey blade falling from his nerveless fingers.’
    • ‘Reaching out, he pulled the luggage from her nerveless fingers and set the bags down.’
    • ‘She gulped and ran quick, nerveless fingers through her hair knowing she looked more than a mess.’
    • ‘Thus it was that in a few moments they were sitting on a sofa in the drawing room, David still gripping the envelope in white and nerveless hands, while Philip perched on a chair opposite, watching with some concern.’
    • ‘The explanation of this boneless, nerveless, jelly-fish condition of soul is not difficult to find.’
    • ‘The buzzer went off and the performance sheet feel to the bleachers from nerveless hands’
    • ‘But then she saw he had dropped the gun from nerveless hands and she could not fault him at all.’
    inert, lifeless, lacking feeling
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    1. 1.1(of literary or artistic style) diffuse or insipid.
      ‘nerveless verse’
      • ‘The sound is less spectacular: a nerveless mono mix.’
      • ‘He and his art are described as “nerveless and effeminate”.’
  • 2Not nervous; confident.

    ‘a nerveless lack of restraint’
    • ‘His prodigious memory, which gave him total recall of hundreds of games, allowed him to play like a computer with nerveless precision and speed, panicking his opponents into error and despair.’
    • ‘Big, strong and seemingly nerveless, he will frighten the life out of everyone when he grows up.’
    • ‘The hottest Thai export since their famed curries, he will be insistent on proving that he is no one-year fluke, that he is as nerveless as he is graceful.’
    • ‘Once again, the dissidents among us underestimated the royals and their vast reserves of sheer determination, their nerveless calculations and - let's not pretend otherwise - their power.’
    • ‘She has experience on her side too, but Hantuchova, a tall, hard - hitting Slovakian, was nerveless when she beat Hingis to claim her first tour title in Indian Wells in March.’
    • ‘If it was still in doubt after recovering from his painful and career - threatening injury, the Spaniard proved his mettle with a magnificent, nerveless run-in.’
    • ‘The points came from Chris Paterson, who landed five nerveless penalties from five kicks, and from Dan Parks, who put over a drop goal at an absolutely critical stage of the second half.’
    • ‘Cork's nerveless display in the dramatic Second Test means he is almost certain to line-up against the Windies on Thursday, leaving the way clear for Brinkley.’
    • ‘Len Mattiace would have won the Masters in 2003 had Mike Weir not forced a play-off with a nerveless 7-foot putt for par on 18.’
    • ‘With nerveless indifference, she was prepared to see the larger portion of her friends as well as enemies in high places depart the scene as a direct result of her behaviour.’
    • ‘His employers, though, have already shown themselves to be nerveless when it comes to making these kind of decisions.’
    • ‘Galkina was stunned by the nerveless determination of her Chinese opponent.’
    • ‘Safin began the match with the kind of nerveless enthusiasm which should have set the alarm bells ringing for Martin.’
    • ‘Athletic were nerveless throughout and Rosbeg lost their third final in a row on penalties.’
    • ‘Still only 21, he is a nerveless and deadly finisher regardless of the magnitude of the occasion.’
    • ‘It may have been her first Grand Slam final but she was there to win - and win she did, with nerveless power.’
    • ‘The Scot's nerveless management paid off with his most significant victory in the league so far.’
    • ‘Those privileged enough to have watched that astonishing display of nerveless attacking tennis in the women's singles final of the 118th Wimbledon championships will never, ever, forget it.’
    • ‘Button did everything right: he was nerveless, drove flawlessly and pushed his car to its absolute 200 mph limit, but it was never enough against the combined might of Schumacher and Ferrari.’
    • ‘The 21-year-old's nerveless performance in the final, as he ruthlessly crushed Juan Carlos Ferrero, would have been enough to propel him to superstardom in his home country.’
    confident, self-confident, self-assured, self-possessed, cool, cool-headed, calm, collected, cool, calm, and collected, composed, controlled, relaxed
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  • 3Anatomy Biology
    Lacking nerves or nervures.