Meaning of nervily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnəːvɪli/


See nervy

‘Fragmented and episodic, it starts arrestingly with ghostly shushing sounds and moving searchlights picking out a lone dancer in black tittuping nervily on the balls of her feet.’
  • ‘Although the wagtail ‘shows no shrinking’, Britten makes him chirrup a shade nervily, though the rocking bass counters the faint fright with a reiterated triad of innocent A major.’
  • ‘As noises thicken in her sound-world and chords stir nervily in ours, she hesitates; the camera comes in closer and a strange cry curdles the air; Jess stops, bites her lip and looks around.’
  • ‘The second movement is a thin-textured scherzo nervily syncopated in an urban context, with no hint of an agrarian landscape.’
  • ‘And Hattie Morahan's Iphigenia is a nervily curious girl who finally embraces the pragmatic necessity of death.’