Meaning of nervous energy in English:

nervous energy


mass noun
  • Excess energy in a person resulting from anxiety or anticipation.

    ‘he has a great deal of nervous energy’
    • ‘He had a restless, nervous energy that made him seem a decade younger than he was.’
    • ‘He paced the library with a nervous energy that demanded a release.’
    • ‘I had a lot of excitement and nervous energy when I accepted the position.’
    • ‘I always had nervous energy as a player but once I was on the pitch I was okay.’
    • ‘She certainly did channel her nervous energy, producing a performance which led to the award of joint first prize.’
    • ‘He appeared to be filled with even more nervous energy than usual.’
    • ‘There is so much nervous energy bouncing around.’
    • ‘There's a lot of nervous energy about whether the painting is going to work.’
    • ‘He was a bundle of nervous energy on the eve of the match.’
    • ‘He is full of nervous energy, often rocking on his toes when not at the center of attention.’