Meaning of nest box in English:

nest box

(also nesting box)


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  • A box provided for a bird to make its nest in.

    North American term birdhouse

    ‘The bird was returned to its nest box on the hotel ledge.’
    • ‘If you can attach a structure to the walls of your residence, and are not more than 30 feet off the ground, you may want to attach a nest box, which may become home for house sparrows, chickadees, or barn swallows.’
    • ‘In April 2001, the vocalizations of five females roosting in a nest box in the recreation area in Fort 8 in Hoboken were recorded on minidisc.’
    • ‘In addition, the material in the nest box might provide extra insulation.’
    • ‘Complete the main frame by adding the two handle braces, the plywood floor, the roost bar and the nest box.’
    • ‘Once all of the eggs have hatched, both parents provision the brood and roost outside of the nest box at night.’
    • ‘In return, each leaseholder receives a certificate allocating a specific box, an invitation to visit their nest box with the reserve warden and a report in the autumn to say how well the birds fared over the nesting season.’
    • ‘Parrotlets were captured in mist nets at roosting sites and in the vicinity of nest boxes, or were trapped in the nest box while feeding young.’
    • ‘The presence of a nest box or interaction with another bird, a human, or even a toy that the bird bonds with may also stimulate egg production.’
    • ‘A nest box is important for breeding purposes as these birds, like most parrots, are cavity nesters.’
    • ‘If there is a risk of aggression the nest box should only be examined when the adult birds are outside in the aviary.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter what the item is, whether it's a sundial or a nest box, it has to arrive on time.’
    • ‘We'd seen a female wood duck flush from the area near the nest box when taking out the trash and there has been a pair of wood ducks feeding under the feeders, so naturally we assumed a wood duck was laying eggs in the box.’
    • ‘The last time I checked the nest box, there were bluebird chicks inside so I knew that meant the wrens hadn't damaged the bluebird eggs.’
    • ‘There are all kinds of interesting stories compiled by researchers like an account of a young screech owl found dead in the nest box.’
    • ‘The banders grab the chicks and then quickly clean up all the bones and feathers around the nest box.’
    • ‘With her forced immobility in the nest box, the female conceivably has less use for much of her functional tissues-such as muscles-and might subsequently reduce their size, function, or both.’
    • ‘First of all, these birds that ‘carry the sky on their backs’ like open areas, say at least 50 feet all around the nest box, that are mowed, as they catch various insects on the ground.’
    • ‘Each pair of owls was housed separately in an outside aviary where a nest box was available.’
    • ‘All dead nestlings found within or outside the nest box were subtracted from brood size at day 13 to determine the actual number fledged.’
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