Meaning of net curtain in English:

net curtain


  • A semi-transparent curtain made of a fine fabric with a very open weave, typically fixed across a window for privacy.

    ‘I was always peering through the net curtains’
    • ‘At the end of the room, a net curtain covers a screen.’
    • ‘His net curtains remain permanently drawn.’
    • ‘I was always peering through the net curtains.’
    • ‘As I walked down the street, the net curtains were twitching, and the neighbors were going, "Ooh, what's she got on today?"’
    • ‘People living in the cul-de-sac watched either from their doorsteps or from behind net curtains.’
    • ‘This great rock came through the double-glazed bedroom window unit, ripped the net curtains, and landed on my bed.’
    • ‘There were net curtains up when she took on the tenancy of the pub last year.’
    • ‘Peeping from behind their elegant net curtains, they have observed a succession of well-clad workmen installing a number of sophisticated security devices at a flat on the street.’
    • ‘Only the huge white net curtains spoil the illusion of chic.’
    • ‘One man was out washing his car but the remaining residents lurked inside behind twitching net curtains.’