Meaning of net exporter in English:

net exporter


  • A country that exports more than it imports.

    ‘Malaysia is a net exporter of crude petroleum and natural gas’
    • ‘We have a trade surplus in services, we are a net exporter of services.’
    • ‘New Zealand is becoming a net exporter of rugby talent.’
    • ‘The country is the largest net exporter of beef in the Northern Hemisphere.’
    • ‘Some economists predict that within 20 years America may no longer be a net exporter.’
    • ‘Eventually, he hoped Ireland would be able to meet excess demand in Europe and become a net exporter of electricity.’
    • ‘As an net exporter of oil we benefit from the higher prices Americans pay for our exports.’
    • ‘The industry sends most of what it produces abroad - making it one in a select group of net exporters in Canada.’
    • ‘Peru is a net exporter of raw materials and unfinished products and a net importer of manufactured products.’
    • ‘They soon became net exporters of capital as profits were transferred to parent companies.’
    • ‘Russia, Canada, and Saudi Arabia can leave the list, as they are net exporters of oil and thus do not actually require a strategic reserve, at least in the short term.’