Meaning of net importer in English:

net importer


  • A country that imports more than it exports.

    ‘the US is projected to be a net importer of agricultural products for the first time since 1959’
    • ‘Overall, the country is a net importer of food.’
    • ‘The United Kingdom is a net importer of doctors, recruiting an increasing number trained in other countries.’
    • ‘After more than 100 years of exporting oil, Indonesia became a net importer of oil in 2004.’
    • ‘The rural population consumes most of the food it produces, but Laos is a net importer of food, primarily from Thailand.’
    • ‘The Asia-Pacific region will remain a strong net exporter, while all other regions will continue to be net importers of electronic components.’
    • ‘As one of the world's largest net importers of rubber, China is now the world's largest consumer of rubber.’
    • ‘Being a net importer of capital in this case means that we are consuming wealth, not producing it.’
    • ‘We're a net importer of steel and a quarter of U.S. steel consumption comes from overseas.’
    • ‘The country that was once the breadbasket of Europe had become a net importer of food by 1998.’
    • ‘One would think that countries that are net importers of oil and gas would make concerted efforts to conserve energy.’