Meaning of netbook in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɛtbʊk/

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  • A small laptop computer designed primarily for accessing internet-based applications.

    ‘My overall impression of the move is derived from the recent discussions of the netbook.’
    • ‘Best of all, the company claims, the program will even be suitable for low-powered netbooks.’
    • ‘There is complete cacophony on what is a netbook versus a notebook.’
    • ‘Nine of the top ten selling notebooks on Amazon right now are netbooks.’
    • ‘Currently about 85 percent of the sales of netbooks are in mature markets, Eden said.’
    • ‘How broad the market for netbooks will eventually become depends on who wins the race.’
    • ‘Larger than your average netbook, the S12 provides average performance at a fairly high netbook price.’
    • ‘This time the netbook appears to have been repaired successfully.’
    • ‘By late 2008, netbooks had begun to take market share away from laptops.’
    • ‘The rise of the netbook - affordable ultra-portable laptops - over the last eighteen months has been fascinating to watch.’
    • ‘For half the price of a regular laptop, you can buy an ultra portable, ultra small netbook that does the job nicely.’
    • ‘We did notice, however, that the left hand size of the system heated up during our regular usage of the netbook.’
    • ‘With the pattern of exclusive deals extending to new netbooks, smaller companies warn that mobile Web access could be tied up entirely.’
    • ‘This sort of netbook was clearly different from a notebook PC.’
    • ‘Intel has provided an early development preview of the Moblin 2.1 operating system, which we briefly tested out on a Samsung NC10 netbook.’
    • ‘Now even Hewlett-Packard offers a netbook or two.’
    • ‘Acer made up significant ground on general laptop leaders HP and Dell with its own netbook this year.’
    • ‘The MacBook Air ditched the optical drive, and nearly all netbooks have too.’
    • ‘And if you want the capability of a netbook, nothing stops you from carrying your own screen and keyboard.’
    • ‘One of the gists was that netbooks are killing the average sales prices (ASP) of PCs.’


1990s blend of internet and notebook.