Meaning of nethead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɛthɛd/

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  • A habitual and expert user of the internet.

    • ‘I bet any nethead with a couple of years of experience could have put something online in real time’
    • ‘Not that Norris is some techno geek nethead.’
    • ‘Not even his own staff would call him a nethead.’
    • ‘Young, educated, and culturally sophisticated, he is a stereotypical Nethead.’
    • ‘I regularly chew my way through 6–7 gigabytes of data every month, but I'm probably a bit of a nethead.’
    • ‘This incident highlights our need to have a nethead on the team.’
    • ‘Concocting an album using Internet chatrooms, he is not your archetypal, geeky net-head.’
    • ‘If you've newly joined the ranks of the cyberspace surfers, or even if you're an old-time net-head, you might enjoy these sites.’
    • ‘I'm a net-head who learned to love phones again—specifically, smartphones.’
    • ‘I'm not a big net-head, but bored tonight and browsing.’
    • ‘The 2–17 age group accounts for around one fifth of the net heads in the UK.’