Meaning of nether regions in English:

nether regions

plural noun

  • 1the nether regionsThe lowest or furthest parts of a place, especially with allusion to hell or the underworld.

    ‘rumours of strange creatures from the nether regions’
    • ‘the nether regions of East Sussex’
    • ‘These films seem to arrive in the dead of night in a cloak of secrecy, hang around the big screen for a week or two and then disappear off into the nether regions of video hell.’
    • ‘Realizing what she said was true, Lilith dropped to the ground as if fire would shoot out at her from the nether regions of hell.’
    • ‘We don't need a God to consign us to the nether regions of some hell realm if we are foolish or selfish - it happens naturally.’
    • ‘Though not entirely successful in this respect, Death's Enemy is a remarkable insight into the nether regions of medical exploration.’
    • ‘Maybe the gripers from Nether Poppleton should escape to the nether regions of England to make room for the new influx of southerners who obviously appreciate the superior quality of life up here.’
    • ‘But surely, deep, deep down somewhere in the nether regions of his now tieless psyche, he must be able to hear a tiny little voice of common sense squeaking: ‘Who cares?’’
    • ‘Neath had come to the west of Ireland just hours before kick-off confident their unbroken sequence of four victories, including one over Munster, wouldn't be shattered by a side in the nether regions of the pool.’
    • ‘As my ball flies in a banana-shaped trajectory deep into the nether regions of a heavily-wooded area, I concede the fact that my hopes, my dreams and my gentlemanly vocabulary are now all gone.’
    • ‘Some uncharitable observers saw the entire episode as an attempt by the larger-than-life author to revive his novel's flagging fortunes in the nether regions of the bestseller lists.’
    • ‘The large dead bird carcass goes out in the trash tomorrow night and I need only corner and kill a few renegade cranberries that have retreated to the nether regions of the refrigerator.’
    • ‘If you've ever toiled as a courier, a taxi driver, a pizza deliveryman, or a tramp, you've probably wandered into the nether regions of the FM dial.’
    • ‘A Houston glamour girl to the core, even in the nether regions of the Little Town, S.K. was the first woman I knew to wear colored contact lenses.’
    • ‘So you're playing golf somewhere in the nether regions - handicap-wise - and can't seem to get lower.’
    • ‘So, as I was down the pub for lunch with only the Sandshoe International tennis tourney on the telly I had no option but to troll through the nether regions of the Melbourne dailies.’
    • ‘Here was another game inconveniently parked in the nether regions of the weekend and there was a lack of vibrancy in the air which was never likely to alter given the tedious nature of the exchanges.’
    • ‘Wensleydale are currently in the nether regions of the Northumberland & Durham leagues and have had very little success so far this season.’
    • ‘He's a fellow Jersey guy now hunkered down in the nether regions of Georgia, which frankly sounds like a fine sitcom idea.’
    • ‘But it's undeniable that something curious is shaking in the nether regions between rock and electronic music.’
    • ‘I would far rather watch a film there than the Odeon or making the long trek out into the nether regions of Clifton Moor.’
  • 2one's nether regions euphemistic One's genitals and bottom.

    ‘starlets who hope to help their careers along by displaying their nether regions’
    • ‘The positive outcomes of exploring one's nether regions are countless, from reducing stress to being sexual while remaining abstinent, from discovering what turns you on to causing aggression to subside.’
    • ‘I mean, I had half a dozen people poking in my prominently displayed nether regions for 3 hours of pushing.’
    • ‘Poseidon is an old-fashioned prudent God that will punish any naughty humans with a blight of bothersome crabs in their nether regions.’
    • ‘If even that doesn't work, grab them in the nether regions, or helpfully explore their eyeballs as if looking for a three-foot piece of wood.’
    • ‘Actually, more ‘kit outed’, to be honest; six Euro doesn't get you much in the way of fabric quality and the level of support and concealment afforded to the nether regions left a lot to be desired.’
    • ‘Instead - and thanks to a teacher who was so laid back he would have reacted calmly if I'd caught him in the nether regions with the golf club - I hit a few beauties down the driving range.’
    • ‘There's the chest and back for men, but most important it's the nether regions that undoubtedly require some attention.’
    • ‘This mobile phone add-on provides a 30-second jolt of pleasure to the nether regions whenever someone rings or texts.’
    • ‘The story ends like scenario one and two: you remain lady-less but with more agony in the nether regions.’
    • ‘Floppy shirts have the opposite effect while padded shorts help to protect the nether regions.’
    • ‘Some toning work with moderate weights will help to firm the muscles, squats are great for the nether regions.’
    • ‘Who knows, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and again subject to pain in the nether regions from the saddle.’
    • ‘If it involves the nether regions and it's before midday it means Woman's Hour.’
    • ‘But a practice known as mulesing, which targets the nether regions of sheep, has been pushed in the faces of consumers by animal rights activists who claim the procedure is inhumane and outdated.’
    • ‘After a disastrous feud with animal protection societies involving tattoos sewn into the nether regions of various chimpanzees, ostriches, and camels, the agency went out of business.’
    • ‘He explains why dogs are so interested in sniffing the nether regions of other dogs (and, embarrassingly enough, of people).’
    • ‘The surgical operation entails implanting electrodes into the spine which then uses electrical impulses to generate the desired effect in the nether regions.’
    • ‘He failed to notice the fact that I was now in a position to injure him, and I took advantage of that fact, skillfully kneeing him in the nether regions.’