Meaning of netroots in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɛtruːts/

plural noun

mainly North American
  • Political activists and campaigners who communicate their message over the internet, especially via blogs.

    ‘in the last election the netroots exerted their influence through prodigious fundraising’
    • ‘There may be some space to her left for a strong anti-war Democrat energized by the net roots.’
    • ‘In July, a Republican response to the liberal netroots finally arrived.’
    • ‘Either way, the point is the same: The netroots won the moment Joe Lieberman felt fear.’
    • ‘Even today many Democrats who privately despise the netroots lie low, hoping the anger won't be directed at them.’
    • ‘Every successful use of the netroots has involved some kind of encouragement for donors.’
    • ‘In the last week, the netroots could be stoked by any buzz a blogger posted about the campaign.’
    • ‘The netroots, like most of the conservative movement, is interested in the consequences, not the ideas.’
    • ‘The netroots are just grassroots progressives organized in a new way.’
    • ‘The netroots can also bring the force of sheer numbers to bear on a non-compliant politician, reporter, or media outlet.’
    • ‘This is really the beginning of a battle for the netroots.’
    • ‘I would imagine that there are plenty of gun control advocates among the urban netroots who nonetheless have given money to his campaign.’
    • ‘I fully expect that the future of the netroots will include the full spectrum of progressive America.’
    • ‘I hope, however, that the leftwing netroots maintain their activist independence to at least some extent.’
    • ‘I think that many in the netroots are no different than the vast majority of Americans everywhere.’
    • ‘My main critique of the netroots would be that I sense a large degree of willingness to elevate shrill rhetoric over actual policy.’
    • ‘The netroots are out here trying to do some things that all the very smart people consider pointless.’
    • ‘And the liberal interest groups involved in health care are surprisingly in line with the liberal blogosphere, the netroots and the grassroots activists.’
    • ‘A lot has happened since then, to progressive politics, to the netroots and to me.’
    • ‘And nobody is paying more attention now than the political netroots.’


Early 21st century blend of internet and grassroots.