Meaning of netta netball in English:

netta netball

Pronunciation /nɛtə ˈnɛtbɔːl/


(also netta)
mass nounAustralian
  • A modified form of netball played by young children.

    ‘the first session will focus on different types of passes used in netta netball’
    • ‘I played netta for 2 years when I was in grades 2 and 3’
    • ‘What rules of netball are different for netta netball?’
    • ‘A session of netta lasts for a total of 40 minutes and is broken into four 10-minute quarters with short breaks between play.’
    • ‘Uniforms for children playing netta usually consist of a netball club polo shirt, a pleated wrap-around skirt, and sport shoes.’
    • ‘Netta netball is designed to give everybody a turn, and rotation of positions ensures that everybody learns how to play each position.’
    • ‘The rules for netta netball are primarily for umpires rather than for the coaches.’
    • ‘Divide the court correctly as per the normal rules when umpiring netta.’
    • ‘All games will be in the morning time slot, with netta starting at 8.45 and netball starting at 10.00.’
    • ‘I was pretty looking forward to PE today, and true enough, we played netta netball.’
    • ‘Jess also played netta for the school.’
    • ‘If your daughter has not played netta before, please bring a copy of her birth certificate to leave with us.’


1980s a reduplication of net.