Meaning of nettle tree in English:

nettle tree


  • An Old World tree related to the hackberries, with a straight silvery-grey trunk and rough, toothed leaves similar to those of the nettle.

    Genus Celtis, family Ulmaceae: several species, in particular C. australis, which is a popular street and shade tree in Mediterranean countries

    ‘Zelkova trees and nettle trees, which are a few hundred years old, are regarded as natural monuments.’
    • ‘Watch out for nettle trees, especially in the vicinity of the Power Wall.’
    • ‘The several-hundred-year-old zelkova trees and nettle trees standing in the middle of the village are designated as natural monuments.’
    • ‘While passing beneath the leafy nettle trees of the garden, don't forget to admire the Unicorn fountain sculptured by Etienne d' Antoine.’
    • ‘The natural cycle of nettle trees succeeding the broadleaved temperate evergreens, followed by shade trees such as the bush cinnamon and tabu-tree, is wonderfully evident.’